Benefits of Prime Lenses

Among the different camera lenses are the: standard zoom lens, Zoom lens, wide angle lens and then there is the Prime lens. The prime lens is one of the most coveted lenses among pro photographers; it may be reviled for having a fixed focal length, but that does not make it a less desirable pick among photographers.

About Prime Lens

A Primary lens is a photographic or primary lens of fixed focal length meaning its lens is at an angle of view that cannot be changed. Thus, a primary lens camera forces the camera person to move in or further from the subject in order to affect the image size. As a camera man, to have more subjects on the frame you will have to step back, while to focus on a single subject calls for camera movement towards the subject.

Why Cameramen Prefer Prime Lens Over Other Lenses:

  1. Helps to Produce Quality Camera Images

When it comes to getting you quality images, no lens can match up to the prime lens. The prime lens passes the image quality test of: sharpness, vignetting, distortion and aberration into creating a quality image to be endeared.   What makes this possible is that a prime lens is a stationary feature in a camera; has no zooming mechanics.

  1. Provides Wider Aperture at low Cost

Most sports photographers have the habit of carrying around 70-200mm zoom lenses; do you know why? Because they want a better and wider aperture. With a prime lens in your hand, you can spend much less to get the desired aperture. That is because prime lens cameras have less moving parts. Wide aperture is important in a camera as it helps a cameraman to shoot quality images in low light environments and also isolate the subject from the background; wide aperture also enables high shutter speed.

  1. Sharp Imaging

As compared to zoom lens, prime lens provide sharper lenses because they do not have moving glasses to achieve zooming; this results in superior quality pictures when compared to zoom lenses.

  1. Are Easy To Carry Around thus good For Travelling

Secondly when compared to the big Zoom lens, prime lens take less space in the camera. It is also light in weight meaning you will not have to worry about getting neck pains from carrying the camera around.

  1. Minimal Image Distortion

Generally, prime lens have minimal to no moving glass elements meaning less chance of picture distortion. That cannot be said for zoom lenses that are easily susceptible to distortion.

  1. Provides Variety Focal lengthbenefits-of-prime-lenses

To compensate for the lack of zooming capabilities, prime lenses come in various focal lengths; from the standard 50mm to the more advanced versions. You therefore don’t have to miss out on the experience of capturing any unique image that interests you.

  1. Helps Amateur Photographers Learn about Photography

As a budding photographer, having a prime lens camera can help you figure out the basics of photography, including pushing your creativity. It makes amateur photographers appreciate the impact of basic camera positioning, angles including appreciating the extreme things pro cameramen do to get a perfect shot.

  1. Easy To Fix

Not only is the cost of the primary lens cheap, replacement is also cheaper than zoom lens camera. The difference comes down to the fact that prime lenses depend on a single glass while zoom lens cameras work with different lens variations.


When choosing a type of camera to shoot it is important to look keenly at the kind of lens it has. A camera with a prime lens for example, can provide awesome high end pictures that can take you from being perceived as an ordinary photographer, to a professional photographer.

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