How To Encourage Your Kids To Be Professional Photographers From An Early Age

We’ve all heard of examples of people who grew up, were forced by their parents to study a certain course, only for them to drop out, or complete the course, and pursue their passions later in life. Well, this happens each day; we mostly want our children to be doctors, pilots, engineers, accountants, but view photography and other hobby driven careers as not so important! Yet, things have greatly changed today. Most of us belong to a generation that grew up watching Cartoon on TV; today’s generation is playing video games, and playing with their parent’s Smartphones. The internet is full of viral videos of babies recorded on camera doing all manner of funny things. Now, truth is that today’s child is being exposed to photography at a much earlier age;

  • You probably grew up at a time when children and adults would all pose for a photo, and be crammed into one shot taken by an analogue camera that used Kodak Film. Today’s child knows how to take a selfie on phone, how to pose, smile, and press the button at the right moment.
  • Out of these innocent selfies, many children have shown an appetite for learning more about photography and taking it up fulltime. The worst thing you can do as a parent is to discourage a child from such! If the child is showing signs of being keen and precise when taking photos, even waiting for the right moment before taking that shot, then you should meet them halfway and encourage them to keep doing that.
  • You can find a way to have the child balance between his or her school work, and also pursuing photography as a passion. As they get older, you can buy them a small digital camera to start with. You can also guide them by helping them understand where their interest lies; there’s nature photography, wildlife photography, photojournalism photography, and so on so forth.
  • Lastly, you can enroll your child to photography courses and tutorials; these can be done online. Have them for instance hook up with Here, they are likely to learn from the pros in photography, and access all the material that they’d require to polish and take their passion to new heights.


Remember, you have a responsibility as a parent to nurture the passions and hobbies of your child, including in photography.

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