How to Take Sharp Pictures

It is every photographer’s dream to take clear, sharp images. However, it is not a simple task if you do not have an idea of where to begin. It all has to do with new lenses, shake reduction, sturdy tripods and also embracing the changes that come with technological advancements. The following are some useful tips that will help you avoid blurry images in most of your work as a photographer.

Make Use of Manual Focus

True, auto-focus is superb and makes the photographer’s work easier. However, to get sharp pictures consistently, manual focusing is the way to go. This works well even in low light. What’s more, it is easy to do and does not require any special form of expertise.

Mirro Lock Up

Certainly, you are using the Live View on your camera by now. With this, mirror lock up should be automatic which in turn avoids the slapping up and down of the mirror to let the light into the sensor. If the mirror does not lock upautomatically, go to the options and lock it up manually.

Use Clean Lenses

Keep your lenses clean before, during and after every shoot because the smallest amount of dust can distort light, colors and also soften the images depending on the photoshoot scene. With this, keep tissues handy all the time.

Use a Tripod Stand or any other Sturdy Surface

Although at times you might not have a choice but to go with the handheld option, steadily securing your camera on a sturdy surface ensures the sharpest possible pictures. This is more so the case in low light situations. With this in mind, try to invest in a robust and durable tripod that you can easily carry along to outdoor photo shoots.

Block Wind

The wind is any photographer’s enemy. Windy weather can leave your images blurry hence you should find a way to block theincoming wind. Your body can be a good wind breaker to try out.

Move Closer to the Point of Focushow-to-take-sharp-pictures

When you move closer, it is possible to use a shorter focal length as well as the lens. Besides, it is vital to note that any small camera shake can be destructive when using longer focal length. Hence, the shorter the focal length, the less the impact of the camera shake to the images.


To get sharp pictures, you need some in-depth knowledge of how to operate your camera. With this, you need to know when to keep your ISO low, how to avoid going too wide, the best apertures to use and so on and so forth. If you want to get more knowledge on photo taking visit our blog

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