Jpeg Vs Raw

If you are a photographer, you have probably faced the challenge of whether to shoot Jpeg Vs Raw at one point or another. Well, let’s take a look at some of the differences between the two options then maybe you will have a better understanding of which option to use.

  • JPEG

Most cameras have the JPEG capability and the photos are processed to Jpeg immediately they are captured. However, the processing part differs from camera to camera. The best thing about these files is that they can be viewed immediately and even printed instantly after the shot.

  • RAW

In order to use the Raw setting, you need to adjust your camera accordingly. However, you need to understand that raw files are unprocessed and uncompressed details of the camera sensor. When they are initially viewed, they normally look dark and basically flat because they are unprocessed. What’s more, to view them, you need to have a software installed that support them.

When to Use Jpeg and Raw

Different formats are perfect for different types of shoots. If you are shooting moving objects, the best format to use is Raw. This is the perfect RAW vs JPEGoption when shooting in an environment that is constantly changing. The lighting, backgrounds, subjects and scenes change indefinitely hence you may not get the perfect exposure all the time. Raw formats are perfect for fast shots which you don’t have enough time to adjust the camera for. It allows you to shoot quickly and get the most details in your photos that can be fixed later if not perfect.

Raw is also a good option for outdoor photography since it allows you to take as many shots as possible within the shortest time. You can then introduce the details later on when editing the photos.

Jpeg on the other hand, is a perfect option when you are working with images that need to be displayed immediately. You don’t have enough time to edit your photos hence you need them to come out as perfect as possible. It is also a perfect option for web photos and photos that require low quality files. Jpeg is perfect if you are on a time constraint and are looking for a way to quickly bring out your work. If you are also have restricted amount of space, Jpeg is meant for you.


Both Jpeg and Raw have their pros and cons. All you need to do is understand your audience and the type of work you are doing.

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