Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography

The birth of lifestyle photography or photojournalism if you may call it transcends from the introduction of the first camera in 1685 to the clickamazing picture from a life of a skatering of the first photo in the early 1800’s. During these times, photos of prominent people including real life situations used to be taken by newspaper journalists/camerapersons.

Many years down the line and with the introduction of Digital cameras and android phones, capturing life stories, situations, and events via photo has become a new normal. You no longer need to be a journalist to take photos.  This has made lifestyle photography easy by allowing anyone to capture unique life images and use them to tell both scripted and unscripted stories of their families, self, and kit. There have also been a number of challenges that come about from taking lifestyle photos. Some of them have been as a result of the poor camera/phone quality and lack of creativity. Here are therefore some tips to help you enhance your lifestyle photos:

Lifestyle Photo Ideas


  • Always define your light Sourcelifestyke-photography-travelling

Whether lifestyle photograph or not it is important to ensure that your shooting location has enough light. If it is a family event taking place at your residence, try and open up the living room windows and take advantage of the natural light. If it is at night, avoid using your phone to take pictures. Instead use your DSLR camera; it should be flash enabled.


  • Look For the Best Camera Position

Straight photos tend to have less definition than angled photos. Therefore, by moving around you will be able to introduce a few unique subjects in the camera frame; and if all goes well, you will get one of the best unique shots ever. Optionally, you if you have a prime lens camera you can carry a wide angle lens or Zoom lens as a backup. The Good thing with wide angle or zoom lens is that they can easily introduce a camera subject to the environment. You don’t have to really move up and down to get more background cover.


  • Get Your Camera Subject BusyLifestyle Photography

Unlike portrait photos that value immobility, lifestyle photos embrace activity and movement. For example, by giving your subject something to do like allowing her to knit or sit and talk to a baby, you introduce her personality to the camera. The result of this is a natural looking image with good talking points.


Lifestyle photography is all about capturing every moment of your life and that of your children. It can save you the hours of talking about your past life events and give a new meaning to storytelling.



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