Why Follow Photography Magazines


Many of us love this industry. I meet so many great people in it and they love to share their passion and show off their great pictures. Despite that though it still baffles me the number of people in the photography field who never picks up a magazine. I also think it’s great for any newbie as well so here are some of the best reasons on why you should check them out more often…


Always room to learn

Even though some of us are more advanced in the photography game more than others there is always something new you can learn in this field and can implement it into your own photographs. There’s always something new going on in this constantly developing industry and it’s great to catch up on the latest photography gossip as well. Just having a quick flick through can really spark up some ideas and get that creativity side of you going, which any good photographer needs.

Get Exposure  

For any photographer out there it’s a fantastic way to get yourself well known in the industry. Weather it’s an interview, providing helpful tips or even showing off some of your brilliant work, its always great to be featured in a magazine and it’s something you can really be proud of. Even myself recently was featured in Professional Photography (issue 12) and it was great to share my knowledge and to provide value for other people.

Get Inspired

I can’t speak for myself as I love what I do, but many people start to look at their previous passion as just as job after a while. However, picking up a good photography magazine is really inspiring and can really bring that fire back to realise why you went into this exciting industry in the first place. When there is a community where they express themselves through their passion and share their ideas and thoughts on many different topics in their field, it makes everything much more interesting. I also think they’re excellent for anyone just starting out as well, and a must for any photographer.

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