Top 4 Photography Tips That Every Beginner Should Know

Photography can be both a hobby, and a job that pays well. But regardless of whether one is doing it for fun, or for professional purposes, one thing remains clear; photography is not for everyone. It’s not enough to pick a camera and snap a shot of your favorite subject. Photography consists of passion, talent, practice, creativity, and so on so forth. They say that a single photo is worth a thousand words. What no one tells you is that long before the photographer captures that shot, he has to look, focus, feel the photo, enhance it mentally, before grabbing that perfect shot. But come on, that shouldn’t dishearten you; the below tips will be a good starting point for beginner photographers. Amateur photographers may find these tips obvious or automatic, but as a beginner, well, just read on;


  1. Position your subjects properly

    One mistake that most newbie photographers make is being excited at the prospect of holding a big digital camera, and snapping shots randomly. Hold it! Before pressing that button, you want to be sure that your subjects are well spread on the camera screen. Always consider the headroom, side room, before taking a shot. They are the hallmarks of professional photography.

  2. Lighting

    Lighting is to photography what baking powder is to baking. I mean, too much of it ruins everything, and too little makes things worse. Natural lighting is the best but in instances where you’re photographing indoors, you can create own artificial lighting. Most digital cameras have light settings, and an easy guide on how to accomplish each mode. The best times to photograph are early in the morning, and late in the evening when the natural light isn’t so intense.

  3. Long shots close up shots

    Again, long shots and close up shots ought to be used appropriately. Most beginners get excited by the prospect of zooming in on distant objects or unnecessarily zooming on close up subjects. These shots are determined by the story you want to tell, and purpose of the shot you’re taking.

  4. Join photographer communities

    The key to being an excellent photographer lies in being willing to be taught, and learning from the best. Join forums and communities that bring together photographers. Here’ you are likely to learn a tip, get critiqued, and eventually learn the ropes of photography.


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