Benefits of Zoom Lenses

Benefits of Zoom Lenses

Having a prime lens to provide you with sharp and quality images may be appealing, but with a zoom lens you can equally achieve more. Zoom lens allows you to zoom in on a subject and capture unique camera moments. It gives you the freedom to take distant shots while at the comfort of your chosen location. This is contrary to prime lenses that require one to move close in order to capture a subject. These are just some of the many benefits/advantages of zoom lenses.

Why You Should Invest In a Zoom Lens

  1. Their Compact Nature Makes Them Easier and Safer To Carry Around

Basic Zoom lenses usually have a diameter of three inches, length of 4 inches and weight of not more than 20 ounces. This is quite compact once you consider its wide array of focal length capabilities; it is actually easier and safer to carry around. This is unlike primary lens which requires one to carry several lenses when travelling. It is also safer to carry one zoom lens camera as opposed to taking care of several prime lenses.


  1. Are Cost effective and Versatile

Unlike in the past where zoom lenses were an expensive and a pro photographer item, these days you can find all in one zoom lens for in the range of 200 – 500 pounds. This is relatively cheap. All in one Zoom lens has an additional low dispersion and aspherical elements that reduce aberration effects and distortions.


  1. No Need to Buy Filters

A zoom lens like the super zoom lens requires a neutral density, polarizer, among a few other things. The cost of all these is cheaper when compared to prime lenses.  If you there are many benefits for zoom lenseshave several prime lenses with different diameters, you will need to buy filters for each lens, including adapter rings.


  1. Encourage Less Dust Particles on Camera Lens thus clear pictures

It can be difficult to take quality pictures especially when dust particles keep entering your camera and every time you switch from one prime lens to another. With a wide zoom range lens, you will not be required to make a lot of lens changes meaning reduced chance of dust particles on the camera sensors. This is an added benefit especially if you have a mirror less interchangeable lens camera.


  1. Is Convenient and Flexible For Outdoor Shooting

One of the benefits of having an all in one zoom lens is that its wide focal range allows you to shoot at whatever angle, and with the least concern about which lens to use. You can therefore easily capture the wide landscape and zoom in to whatever physical feature you want, and in an instant.


  1. Helps capture Moving images

If you have ever watched the animal channel or football, baseball or basketball games you will note the unique images that cameramen capture such as speed of lion when chasing a gazelle and the ariel movement of a ball towards the net. What makes the capturing of such images possible is the use of telephoto zoom lens.


  1. Are Good for Close Up photos and enhancing Miniature Images

With a good zoom lens such as sigma18-250mm DC or sonny AF DT 18-200mm you can be able to capture close up images of small subjects such as flowers or  insects thus giving them a bigger appearance and impact.



With all the above benefits, it is important to be careful when choosing a zoom lens for your camera. Some of the things to look out for include zoom lens: focal length, cost, type of zoom lens, weight, and nature of event.

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