What Lenses To Use For Architecture Photography

What Lenses To Use For Architecture Photography?

As an architecture photographer, you need unique lenses that will enable you to capture every detail of a structural design. Special lenses exist that can assist you to exceptionally adjust the composition and frame the field of view without unwanted camera movements like tilt or zoom. Some of these include tilt-shift lenses AND tele converters among others.

Here are the types of lenses for architectural photography

  • Tilt-shift lensesthe best architecture photographer

    There are various models and designs for these special lenses. They allow a photographer to create an incredible composition by playing around with light, color, and contrast. What makes them good for architectural photography is their tilt-shift ability that enables you to control what is and what is not in focus. With tilt-shift lenses, you do not have to move your camera or change the perspective of your image to capture specific details.

  • Tele converter

    A tele converter is used with other lenses by attaching the camera and another lens. It increases the focal length of any lens and when used with the 24 mm tilt-shift it can turn it into a 35 mm tilt-shift. It is perfect for exterior shots, however, beware of slower shutter speeds. A teleconverter helps you draw the subject from a long way off, to give the view of the whole picture. Be sure to take them off and replace with zoom lenses when it is time to shoot close ups like door knobs or sinks.

  • Zoom lenses

    they are great because these types of lenses can zoom from wide to medium to long. They offer unique versatility when it comes to framing architectural subjects and for this reason they are a must have. When you have this you have a three in one lens.

  • Wide angle lenses

    Wide-angle lenses range from 21-35mm. They are the best for photographing backgrounds and architecture. A good architectural photograph is one that has the building and its surroundings or the context in the language of photography. The wide angle lenses captures more background detail. It is good for an introductory shot of a house exterior or interior. You get a larger depth of field with which you can capture all details in one shot. Be sure to buy a model that is well corrected to avoid distortions on your images.


When purchasing a lens for architectural photography, consider the lens speed, focal length, optics quality, and the type of camera you will be using. Best remember photography is an art and your creativity in working around with different types of lenses is all that matters.


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